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We are currently developing an idea as old as the company itself, Seiryu the Azure Dragon. Still in early development, we only have a short intro teaser. The web series is planned to be a long-term venture, with many seasons.


D-tail Games is our game development division of D-tail Entertainment, We are currently developing a game named Monq, a third-person puzzle platformer. The game is currently in mid-stage development with a few levels complete.  We also have other games in concept but prefer to focus on one game at a time.


D-tail Productions is our Live Action Department. Here we work in all things filmed in the real world. Currently, this only includes our video podcasts and video shorts of us in various situations.


D-tail Media is the home of our audio podcasts, which you can currently view via the button below. We will also be posting our blogs here, which will consist of our member’s experiences and advice on various development and life subjects.


D-tail Play is our Let’s Play channel. Though we do not yet have videos here, we have big plans for the future.

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