About Us


What we are about...

D-tail Entertainment is a multimedia company designed to create content on both video platform and the development of games. We are looking to create the best content that we can across the board for a multitude of consumers. We are looking to create and distribute our own products without the need of a publisher.

We also look to create a public faced company where the community is heavily involved with the products that we create. We are here to create a place where people can enjoy developing content in whichever form that they wish, whether that be creating live-action shorts, gameplay or news coverage to making the latest D-tail game. We also want like minded passionate people to work in the best environment possible on projects that they want to make.

Our vision comes from the idea of a communal passion for games, arts and other forms of Digital Media. We share a drive to work with our passions and hobbies to create something that people will enjoy playing and watching. We want to live to work, rather than work to live.

Our Aim

To create a public-faced multimedia company, where we create media content in the form of Animations and Live action productions alongside game development. To create a strong and stable, happy working environment for our employees, and a company that people want to work for. We will strive to achieve a balance of employee/customer satisfaction.

The Big Four

Proffesional photos to come in soon.

George Evans


The undisputed founder of the company, this guy won’t let anything stand in his way unless there’s tea involved. Stubborn to a fault he is our resident six foot five Dwarf.

James Hellman


“I am the senat… Business.” is one of his favoured lines. He is both a programmer and business operations manager.

Jason Read

Director of Sound and Pretty Much Anything We Tell Him To Do

As the company lapdog, Jason works primarily on the creation of Music and anything else that’s needed.

Warwick New

Programmer Prime

The local realist, with not much faith in anything, other than Linux.