Day In The Life

A Day In The Life Of D-tail

Here we have many videos of our wonderful team getting up to all sorts of things, its out way of shoing you that we try to have fun in all of our activities. Who said running a company was all work and no play…

Voice Acting Madness

After a long break, we are happy to release the next installment of Day in the Life of D-tail! In this weeks DitLoD, James, Jason, George and Warwick do some voice acting for Monq, but they couldn’t resist having fun whilst doing so…

1 Year Retrospective

Today D-tail is celebrating its 1st year anniversary! We look back on some of our favorite videos and memories.

New Studio

As D-tail return to University, they are greeted by a new studio with lots of new tech. Check out their reactions as they find out what new stuff they get to work with!

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