James Hellman

Co-Founder, Programmer

     After working in retail management for almost four years, he has learnt a lot about business operations. He claims that he is under no illusions that media is identical to retail but believes that some management principles still carry over.

James has always loved learning how things work, taking many things apart in his younger days just to put them back together again. This alongside his passion for games lead to him going to study how games are made. Now studying at Falmouth on the BSc Computing for Games course he is learning the essential skills he needs to create games of all genres.

Though he is more adept at business operations he is not a half bad programmer. He also goes along with George to film as the second cameraman, to which he claims he is rather good at. His ego aside, it’s his eye for detail and his commitment to the cause that makes him one of the driving forces of D-tail Entertainment.

During my time on Monq I learnt a great deal about game development, one of the major lessons learnt I believe was that teamwork is hard, especially in a multi-disciplined group.

On this project, I was responsible for most of the programming other than the AI and two of the more complex puzzles to which my colleague Warwick New handled. I also helped the design direction of the game, the design documents writing and managing the project.

During this project, I took a liking to the game-play programming and project management more than the other aspects of the project.

The game was made in Unreal consisting of C++ and Blueprints.

For one of my final year projects at university, I am working on a project called If Memory Serves. This is an open source project currently on Unity, My task was to port the game over to another game engine called Godot.

This project is written in Godot’s own scripting language similar to Python called GDScript. Though after upgrading to Godot 3.0 C# is now available as a scripting option.


For my dissertation, I will be creating a StarCraft bot that will be using POSH tools and expert knowledge to create a bot that can be entered into a competition at the end of the project.

The project will be written in c# and designed in ABODE, using POSH tools.


A copy of my CV detailing my skill set.