What is MONQ?

MONQ is a 3D, third person, puzzle platformer where you play as the monk Flip. As you progress through MONQ you learn new ways to control time, each new method opens up new ways to find your way through each level. While you progress through each level you must save the world from the evil Manifestation and rescue the Zodiac to restore balance to this chaotic world.


Flip is our main protagonist in this story, he is the last of his order and the last hope to save the world from the evil corruption of the manifestation. Though still young his control over time seems to show the experience of some of the greatest monks of the order. with his age comes one of his greatest advantages, he is still pure of heart and knows nothing of the forces of greed and hate. With this, he is the only one that can stop the evil Manifestation.

The Manifestation

She came from the greed and hatred of humankind and destroyed the zodiac and the monk order. Or so she thought, now she roams the earth spreading her corruption everywhere she goes. The only thing that could stop her is the heart of a pure human, who is immune to corruption.

The Zodiac

Since the beginning of time, the Zodiac roamed the earth protecting it and nurturing it. They were the ones to formed the order of monks and bestowed upon them the power to control time. They passed this gift to them in the hopes that they would take upon themselves the mantle of guardians of time, to ensure that the world was kept in balance. After the Manifestation appeared, this first to fall was the Zodiac, caught by surprise they were struck down one by one. Now enslaved or killed by the Manifestation their only hope of restoration lies within the heart of one young monk.

The Monks of Uda

The order that was created by the Zodiac were the monks of Uda. Through extensive training and discipline, they mastered the art of time control. Through this mastery, they kept balance in the world. But even they could not foresee the forces at play withing the hearts of humankind. When the Manifestation appeared the monks could not prevent her reign of destruction and death. Their only option was to hide their youngest most promising monk in a place out of time and out of her reach. This plan almost failed if it were not for the heroic sacrifices of the remaining members of their order to send him out of time until such a time that he could return to save them and bring balance to the world once more.

The World of MONQ (Some Art)

The world of Monq is full of mystery and wonder. As Flip travels through the world he will learn new ways to manipulate time and restore what was lost.

Why not give it a go.